2015 Hockey Together Camp – Seoul, South Korea

The Malaysian team for the 2015 Hockey Together Camp in Seoul, South Korea is raring for an exciting learning experience.

The “2015 Hockey Together Camp” is organized by the Korean Ice Hockey Association (KIHA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports & Culture of Korea and the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC)   for IIHF members as part of the goodwill development program.  The camp will take place within Korea University in Seoul from July 20-27, 2015. The participating countries selected for this camp are India, Malaysia, Mexico, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine. The following officials and players who are selected to attend the camp:


  1. Yap Eu Jin (Coaching)
  2. Moi Jia Yung (Coaching)
  3. Aiman Thaqib bin Mohd Fadzul (Coaching)
  4. Lee Thien Ian (Goalie Coaching)
  5. Edmond Ng Eng Kuan (Officiating)
  6. Mohamad Faris Hakimin bin Yusoff (Officiating)
  7. Jimmy Tiew Yaw Ho (Equipment Manager)


Male Players  Born:  1997 – 2001

  1. Nurul Nizam Deen Versluis
  2. Adris Ikmal bin Abdul Razak
  3. Syed Ayman Shahabuddin
  4. Kavinarsh Kishal Suriabagavan
  5. Rafel Zichry Onn Muhd Rhiza
  6. Shahrul Ilyas bin Abdul Shukor
  7. Bryan Lim Chee Meng

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