Girls-only ice hockey weekend

THE Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation (MIHF) organised its Girls Ice Hockey Weekend recently.

Previously, MIHF had organised the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) global initiative “IIHF World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend” in 2012 and 2013.

This time around, the event saw a promising number of participants comprising girls between the ages of six and 18 years old taking their first “skate step” on ice.

The participants were seen enjoying themselves at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink.

They were encouraged and assisted by equally enthusiastic women — ice hockey players from an all-girls club, Jazura Ice Hockey Club, led by team manager Nur Versluis.

While the girls were having fun on the ice, MIHF secretary Susan Loh was present to answer questions from their parents about ice hockey.

Assuring them of their children’s safety, Loh said, “Ice hockey is one of the safest sports as players are well protected with ice hockey gear and we have trained coaches to assist them in the “Learn to Play” programme.”

Loh also addressed concerns by some parents who thought that ice hockey was an expensive sport to take part in.

“Not at all. The MIHF offers ice hockey gear on loan to players until they are ready to take up the sport seriously,” she added.

The wide range of equipment is supported by the IIHF Equipment Support Programme, from which Malaysia has benefited.

The success of this series of annual events has paved the way for increased awareness of ice hockey for girls in Malaysia and potentially, a formidable Women’s Ice Hockey Team in the near future.

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