Hockey Camp with Coach Kristof

This is the third camp Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation had organized along side with Coach Kristof Kovago. Kristof who is originally from Hungary; currently residing in Abu Dhabi and coaching the Abu Dhabi Storms Hockey Club in UAE.

The camp is divided into two sessions. The first 4 days camp is for National Development Program (NDP), which is for players above the age of 16 years old.
The remaining 4 days camp is for the newly formed Youth-National Development Program (Y-NDP), for players aged under 16 years old who are currently in Hockey School and playing in Division 2 & 3 of the Malaysia Ice Hockey League.

The highlight of the camp was during the Y-NDP, where all the kids are extremely excited to be part of this. The camp consists of 4 on-ice session, 2 off-ice session and 2 classroom session. For on-ice, there are tons of skating, individual skills and game situation drills that are thought to players so players will learn on hard work, communication and competitiveness. For off-ice, players are thought on simple stretches and off-ice workout that can be easily done at any time at home. In the classroom session, players are thought on simple positioning and strategies in attacking, neutral and defensive zone.  By the end of the camp, all the players had so much fun learning from Coach Kristof. All the players were so eager to have group or individual photo with Coach Kristof before leaving the ice with a big smile.

MIHF is forever grateful that he could take some time off to help and coach Malaysia hockey players during this 8 days camp. For that, we would like to thank Coach Kristof again for bringing such a fun, pleasant and memorable experience during the camp.  We hope to see you again next year and many more years to come.

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