MIHF League Final 2015/2016 & Roll of Honors

What a night for ice hockey in Malaysia! MIHF just concluded the MIHF President’s Cup League 2015/2016 on Saturday, 27th Feb 2016 with three final games from each division. Oh boy, you’ve got to be there to witness these games as all the players played their hearts out in every shifts and every seconds throughout the game.

Division 3 (Golden Phoenix 5 – 3 D’Jungle Magic)

Started the first game with the Final of Division 3 between Golden Phoenix (GP) against D’Jungle Magic (DJM). Team GP have been dominating in their regular season are up against team DJM, which have won their previous playoffs game with a 5-0 against Scanclimber. In the first period, GP’s Gabriel Goh received 2 minutes penalty for tripping and without wasting any time, DJM capitalized it with a power play goal by Austin Goh. 1-0 lead for DJM! By the way, they are neither brothers nor related.  Next, GP manage to get a quick goal back by Sophia Ridzuan and before the end of first period, another goal by Raja Arif Mikhail to give the GP lead 2-1.  (1st Period: GP 2 -1 DJM)

Heading into the second period, DJM did not give in and they manage to tied 2-2 by Aisar Fadzli Amin with a beautiful backhand goal. GP too did not give in too and scored the leading goal by Raja Arif Mikhail. Again, DJM again did not give in and manage to equalized by Emanuele Badrulshah Gan. What a great period and effort for both teams! (2nd Period: GP 3 – 3 DJM)

Third period, both team begin strong and in the 6th minute, Fareez from GP scored to bring his team to lead DJM 4-3. Before the end of the period, GP’s Fareez manage to score another goal. With very little time left in the third period, GP manage to hold off DJM and win the final of Division 3.
(3rd Period : GP 5 – 3 DJM)

It was indeed a very exciting game to watch as these young players battled on ice and showcase their talent to the public audience. Around the rink, there were loud cheers and encouragements from parents, fans and spectators from the ice rink floor up till the very top floor. Thank you to the young ones for giving us such a memorable game to remember.

Division 2 (Harimau Enra 3 – 2 Samurai) [S/O]

Two teams with two different age group meet in the Final of Division 2.  Team Harimau Enra consists of mainly from Youth National Development Program with players aged between 15 – 23 years old and have been dominating in the regular session with 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 lost. Team Samurai consists of experienced players with players aged between 25-60 years old. Talking about a huge gap in the sports of hockey. In case you did not know, the Division 2 are mainly for players who are in the intermediate level.

In the first period, both teams started aggressive. Talking about the competitive level in this sport and in this division. 2 minutes before the end of first period, Guido Robben scores to take team Samurai to a 1-0 lead against Harimau Enra. (1st Period : Harimau Enra 0 – 1 Samurai)

Into the second period, Harimau Enra need to refocus if they want to stay in this game and it paid off. They manage to equalized by Sebastian Langois-Fortier and Andika Rees also scored another goal to take Harimau Enra 2-1 lead. Before the end of the second period, Rafel Zichry Rhiza got a two minutes penalty for tripping. (2nd Period : Harimau Enra 2 -1 Samurai)

Third period of the final game of Division 2, team Samurai replied with a quick power play goal by Guido Robben. The score is now tied 2-2. Both teams continue to play their hearts out and battled in every shift. However, nobody manage to get the winning goal at the end of third period. Now, it’s overtime. (3rd Period : Harimau Enra 2-2 Samurai)

Five minutes of overtime! There were a couple of chances for both teams to secure the win. However, it’s still scoreless in OT. Now, it’s shootout time. (After OT: Harimau Enra 2-2 Samurai)

One of the most intense situation in hockey, the shootout. After the first 3-round of shootout, none of the players from both teams scored against the mighty goaltenders of  both Samurai and Harimau Enra.  Into the 4-round of the shootout, it’s still scoreless! Now, the 5-round; team Harimau to take the shot first by Sebastian Langois-Fortier and he scores! It’s Samurai’s turn. The shootout will be taken by Guido Robben against Harimau Enra’s goaltender, Raja Adam. If Guido scores, we will have the 6-round shootout; if no goal Harimau Enra takes the Championship. Here we go, Guido skates up with the puck down the middle lane and he shoots; saved by Raja Adam and team Harimau Enra wins! What a game! All the players from Harimau Enra bench jumped onto the ice to celebrate with Raja Adam for stopping the puck and winning it. (S/O Harimau Enra 3 – 2 Samurai)

What a game that was shown for these young talents up against an experienced team. They are the players who have been to every single practice and they deserved this win.  Malaysia ice hockey’s future is looking bright.

Division 1 (Rocktape Wildcats 5-2 Asian Tigers)

Rivalry reborn again between Rocktape Wildcats (RW) and Asian Tigers (AT). Last season, the same team met in the Finals of Division 1 where Asian Tigers was crowned the Championship. In this season, they meet again.

Starting the first period, AT picked up a couple of minor penalties however RW did not manage to capitalize it on their power play. Half way through the first period, one of AT’s top player, Sheldon Flaman was given a five minutes penalty and an automatic game misconduct for checking to the back on RW’s Gary Tan. The game was on hold for a moment as RW’s teammates was helping their injured teammate out of the ice for the game to be resume. In this penalty, RW’s power play manage to get two goals by Martin Page and Arie Versluis bringing their team into 2-0 lead at the end of first period (1st Period : Rocktape Wildcats 2-0 Asian Tigers)

In the second period, the game is getting more intense as both teams start to play more aggressive. AT’s Trevor Homer manage to score a beauty wrister from the left side into the top right goal of RW’s goaltender, Adrian Chow. RW still lead 2-1. 3 minutes before the end of second period, AT’s Jeff Robidoux was given a two minutes penalty for tripping and RW’s power play line are able to score from Jordie Robben bringing RW into a 3-1 lead.  (2nd Period : Rocktape Wildcats 3-1 Asian Tigers)

Going into the third period, RW’s are hoping to win this game to avenge for their lost in last season’s Final. With that, they did scored two power play goals by Arie Versluis and Teh Ton Tee to give RW a 4-1 lead. In the final of 1:30 minutes, AT’s Richard Hutson manage to pick up another consolation goal. (3rd Period : Rocktape Wildcats 5-2 Asian Tigers)

It was a suspense game in the beginning of this Division 1 Final. However, after Asian Tigers’s losing two of their top players (game misconduct and MIHF’s 3 minor penalty ejection rule); Asian Tigers could not hold any longer to into this game and giving Rocktape Wildcats a comfortable win the Division 1 Final.

Role of Honors


Best Forward : Muhd Fareez Afdlin (Golden Phoenix)
Best Defensemen : Austin Goh Chu Shern (D’Jungle Magic)
Best Goaltender : Adam Izra Muhd Radzif (Golden Phoenix)
Most Promising Player : Mathaeus Grason Yu (Scanclimber)
Most Promising Player : Putra Hidayat (D’Jungle Magic)

League Champion : Golden Phoenix
Tournament Second Runner Up : Scanclimber
Tournament First Runner Up : D’Jungle Magic
Tournament Champion : Golden Phoenix


Best Forward : Andika Rees Pahamin Azhar (Harimau Enra)
Best Defensemen : Vinodraj Sundram (Harimau Enra)
Best Goaltender : Raja Adam Iskandar Raja Amin (Harimau Enra)

League Champion : Harimau Enra
Tournament First Runner Up : Samurai
Tournament Champion : Harimau Enra


Best Forward (Local) : Bryan Lim Chee Ming (Snipers)
Best Forward (Expat) : Sterling Johnson (Asian Tigers)
Best Defensemen (Local) : Mohd Hariz Oryza Ananda (Snipers)
Best Defensemen (Expat) : Sheldon Flaman (Asian Tigers)
Best Goaltender : Sami Methomaa (Jazura)

League Champion :  Jazura
Tournament First Runner Up : Asian Tigers
Tournament Champion : Rocktape Wildcats