MIHF Short League 2017

Wow!! What a GREAT league finale! Full of action and excitement to watch in the League Final! Thank you everyone that join us and we hope you’d enjoy the two final games of each Division 3 and Division 2.
Here are the Roll of Honours!

Division 3 (D3)
League Champions: Jazura Juniors

Best D3 Forward : Aniq Iskandar (Jazura Juniors)
Best D3 Defense : Aisar Fadzli (Rimau Alpha)
Best D3 Goalie : Putera Hidayat (Jazura Juniors)

Playoffs Champions: Rimau Alpha

Division 2 (D2)
League Champions : Harimau Enra

Best D2 Forward : Raja Karim (Harimau Enra)
Best D2 Defense : Vinod Sundram (Harimau Enra)
Best Goalie : Chua Boon Keong (Snipers)

Playoffs Champions: Harimau Enra

Thank you again and see you next league season!!